EB Flute

EB flute is a combination of micro wave (E) and fine wave (B) work. This type of paperboard has an E wave on the outer surface, which improves print quality. It stands out with its hard structure and sharp lines. The wall thickness of this paperboard, also called Micro Dopel, is approximately 4 mm. EB flute, compared to BC wave, allows easy folding and drying of cut products. It is mainly preferred in vegetable and fruit crates, meat and chicken boxes, cosmetic outer packaging and cardboard stands.

  • Wave Height (mm): 4,2 – 4,80
  • Number of gutters per square meter: 150 – 180

These double wave cartons offer a durable and effective option for safely packaging and transporting your products. When determining which wave type is most suitable for you, you should consider the characteristics and transportation requirements of your products.