BCA Flute

BCA flute is durable packaging materials created by combining A, B and C wave paperboard. This special combination enables the safe and effective packaging of heavy industrial products and sensitive materials. BCA flute offers an ideal packaging solution for many industries and has replaced wooden crates, especially due to its recyclability and cost advantage.


  • Wave Height (mm): 10 – 11
  • Number of Gutters per Meter: 105 – 125

Areas of Use:

  • Heavy Industry: This type of paperboard offers an excellent option for packaging heavy industrial products. Especially large and heavy machinery, parts and equipment can be safely transported with this type of paperboard.
  • Automotive: Used in the automotive industry for packaging vehicle parts and accessories. This paperboard ensures that automotive products are protected during transportation.
  • Machinery: Ideal for packaging and transportation of machine parts. Precision machine components can be safely stored and transported with this type of packaging.
  • Electronics: Used for packaging electronic goods, sensitive electronic components and devices. Ensures safe transportation of electronic products.
  • Export: The durability and strength of triplex cardboard is an ideal option for exporting companies. Products are safe during international transportation.
  • BCA wave cardboard is a strong and environmentally friendly packaging material designed to meet the packaging requirements of heavy industrial products and sensitive materials. It is produced in accordance with the needs of exporting companies and large industries and protects your products safely. It also offers a more sustainable packaging option, replacing wooden crates.