Kolispak Production Line: Unique Advantages of Corrugated Cardboard and Boxes

Kolispak stands out in the sector by offering packaging solutions suitable for the special needs of businesses. Here are more details about why these special packaging materials are preferred:

  1. Customizability: Kolispak offers the ability to meet the unique demands of each customer. Not only the product dimensions, but also the design and printing of the packaging can be customized according to the customer’s wishes. For example, an online clothing retailer can offer customers an unforgettable opening experience by shipping their products in custom-designed boxes.
  2. Health and Environmental Friendliness: Corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes do not contain chemicals that can harm human health. They are also recyclable, which contributes to environmental awareness. Especially in the food industry, the use of corrugated cardboard in the packaging of food products is important in terms of food safety and environmental sustainability.
  3. No Odor and Contamination Problems: Parcels store your products in a clean and hygienic way. Especially in the textile industry, it prevents the formation of bad odors during storage or transportation of products. This helps you provide customers with a pleasant shopping experience.
  4. Time and Labor Savings: Businesses can make their business processes more efficient thanks to corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes. They can quickly package products and easily perform stacking operations, which increases labor productivity.
  5. Advertising and Brand Promotion: Printed boxes are an excellent way to promote your brand and products. By adding custom logos, messages or graphics on them, you can offer your customers an unforgettable experience. This can increase brand loyalty and attract new customers.
  6. Minimizes Inventory Costs: Kolispak minimizes stock costs by producing according to need. This saves businesses in storage space and reduces transportation costs.
  7. Transportation and Storage Efficiency: Thanks to their light weight and smooth shape, corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes provide transportation and storage efficiency. Products can be transported and stored in a more organized and efficient way.
  8. Environmentally Friendly: Parcels can be easily recycled after use. This reduces the amount of waste and contributes to environmental protection efforts.
  9. Various Quality Levels: Kolispak offers packaging solutions to suit every business’ budget by offering different quality levels. This provides an accessible option for everyone from small businesses to large industrial facilities.

Kolispak offers the perfect packaging solution for businesses to increase customer satisfaction, adopt an environmentally friendly approach and improve operational efficiency. These features can make significant contributions to business growth and success.

Production Steps

The first step is to receive the order from the customer and accurately determine the requirements. The type of product, quantity, dimensions and other special requirements are taken into account according to the customer’s wishes.

Sample products are prepared in line with customer requests and presented to the customer. These samples are used to get the customer’s approval and feedback to make necessary changes.

Production planning is done based on approved samples and order information. All stages of the production process, resource allocation and timeline are determined.

The materials and raw materials required for the production process are sourced in accordance with customer demands and product specifications. This may include the types of paper used in the production of corrugated cardboard.

The supplied paper and raw materials are converted into sheets using high-tech corrugated cardboard production machines. The thickness, dimensions and structures of the corrugated cardboard sheets are adjusted according to the customer’s requirements.

The produced corrugated cardboard sheets are transported to carton production machines. These machines are used to transform the sheets into boxes with customized designs and dimensions.

Prepared parcels and boxes are arranged neatly on pallets. This ensures that the products can be transported in an orderly manner during storage and transportation.

Products are subjected to palletization. At this stage, the products are placed on pallets and the necessary labels are added. These labels help to identify and orient the product.

The products go through a final inspection process. This is done to ensure the quality and accuracy of the products. If any errors or omissions are detected, they are corrected.

Products are prepared for shipment. Pallets are organized, quantities are verified and they are ready for transportation.

The final step is the delivery of products to customers. Using transportation vehicles, the products are sent to the delivery address specified by the customer.