It is the preferred form of box for storing documents especially in public institutions, banks and large holdings. It is used to prevent damage and especially loss of important documents.

It provides convenience in transportation thanks to its hand handle holes.

Archive Box Types

Archive boxes are types of packaging specially designed for the organized storage and protection of documents and papers. These types of parcels come in different varieties to suit different usage needs. The main types of archive parcels are as follows:

  1. Standard Archive Boxes: Standard boxes, usually available in different sizes. Widely used in offices and workplaces. It allows documents to be stored in an organized manner.
  2. Bank Archive Boxes: Preferred for storing important financial documents and records in banks. Provides a secure and tightly protected packaging.
  3. Public Institution Archive Boxes: Used for storing and archiving official documents in public institutions. Prevents loss or damage to documents.

Archive Box Usage Areas

Archive boxes are widely used, especially in business and corporate environments. Areas of use include:

  1. Public Institutions: Public institutions use archive boxes to store and archive legal and official documents. Document security and accessibility are very important for these organizations.
  2. Banks: Banks prefer archive boxes for long-term storage of financial documents and customer records. Secure document preservation meets banking standards.
  3. Holdings and Large Companies: Holdings and large companies store important business and administrative documentation in archival boxes. Organized archiving and accessibility of documents facilitates business processes.

Archive Box Designs

The designs of archive boxes are usually simple and functional. However, some special design features are added to ensure document security and organization. For example, hand grips provide easy handling and convenience during transportation. In addition, the ability to write certain information on the packaging or the addition of barcodes makes it easier to track documents. Designs can often be customized to match corporate colors and logo usage.