Automatic filling boxes are used for packaging mass production products. Products are packed automatically with the help of vacuum machines. Cardboard boxes and boxes are produced by our expert team in thickness and paper structure suitable for the machine to be packaged.

Automatic Filling Box Types

Automatic filling cartons are used for fast and efficient packaging of mass production products. These cartons work in conjunction with automated equipment such as vacuum packaging machines and enable products to be packed automatically. Automatic filling cartons are produced in different sizes, thicknesses and structural features. This diversity offers suitable packaging options that can be used in different industries and products.

Usage Areas of Automatic Filling Boxes

Automatic filling boxes are widely used, especially in industries and businesses that require mass production. It is frequently preferred in the following areas:

  1. Food Industry: Food products are packed quickly and hygienically with automatic filling boxes. This is especially important for businesses that need to pack food products in hygienic conditions and in specific quantities.
  2. Pharmaceutical and Health Products: In the pharmaceuticals, healthcare products and pharmaceutical industry, automatic filling boxes play a critical role for accurate dosing and hygienic packaging.
  3. Cosmetics and Personal Care Products: Cosmetics and personal care products have special requirements in terms of aesthetics and safety. Automated filling cartons ensure that these products are packed neatly and in the right quantities.

Automatic Filling Box Designs

Automatic filling cartons are specially designed to be compatible with packaging machines. The expert team produces cartons with the appropriate thickness and structure according to the machine’s specifications and the product’s requirements. The design also takes into account factors for the safety, protection and transportation of the products. These cartons optimize automated filling processes and ensure error-free packaging of products during mass production.