If the products transported in the parcel are sensitive, fragile and perishable, parcels with separators are needed. parcels with separators prevent the product to be packaged from touching each other, provide easy access to the products, ensure that the product is stable in the parcel, provide security against side and top impacts and increase the strength of the parcel.

Especially for glass products, fruits and vegetables, technological and sensitive products, the use of parcels with separators is common.

Parcel Types with Seperator

Parcels with separators are a special type of parcel used in cases where the products carried inside are sensitive, fragile or perishable. These parcels prevent the products from contacting each other, providing easy access to the products and ensuring that the products remain stable in the parcel. It also offers extra security against side and top impacts and increases the strength of the parcel. Boxes with separators are widely used for the safe transportation of glass products, fruit and vegetables, technological and sensitive products.

Usage Areas of Boxes with Separator

Boxes with separators are used in various industries and applications. It is especially preferred in the following areas:

  1. Glass Products: Transporting glassware can be a challenging task. Boxes with separators prevent glass products from coming into contact with each other, preventing scratches and breakage. This ensures the safe transportation of glass products.
  2. Fruits and Vegetables: Delicate fruits and vegetables can be easily damaged during transportation. Boxes with separators limit their contact with each other and increase air circulation to preserve their freshness.
  3. Technological Products: Technological products such as electronic devices are sensitive to shocks and vibrations. Parcels with separators prevent damage to these products during transportation and ensure that the products run smoothly.

Parcel Designs with Separator

The designs of parcels with separators may vary according to the products to be transported in them and the intended use. Special compartments ensure that products are placed in a specific order and prevent contact. These designs also allow the interior of the boxes to be customized, thus providing a suitable solution for products of different sizes and shapes. The design of parcels with dividers plays a critical role in the safety and protection of products and can be tailored specifically to customer needs.