Supermarkets, fairs, exhibitions, promotions, events… One of the most effective ways to market your products and make direct sales is cardboard stands where you can also highlight your brand. You can choose your specially designed cardboard stands with standing, desktop, shelf, pool features.

Cardboard Stand Types

Cardboard stands come in a variety of options that you can use as an effective way to promote your products, do promotions or make sales. The main types of cardboard stands are as follows:

  1. Free Standing Cardboard Stands: These stands are often used in supermarkets or trade fairs to display your products and attract attention. Free-standing cardboard stands are made of durable cardboard that can be customized in height and width.
  2. Desktop Cardboard Stands: Desktop cardboard stands are preferred for displaying smaller products or brochures. These stands can be designed for use in offices, stores or events.
  3. Cardboard Stands with Shelves: You can use cardboard stands with shelves to display your products in multiple layers and in an organized manner. These stands are ideal for presenting a variety of products to customers and making them easily accessible.
  4. Cardboard Stands with Pool: Cardboard stands with pools are especially used for displaying brochures, business cards or small products. With many compartments or compartments, these stands help you present products in an organized way.

Usage Areas of Cardboard Stands

Cardboard stands are versatile and effective promotional tools used in a variety of fields. Areas of use include:

  1. Supermarkets and Stores: Cardboard stands are frequently used by supermarkets and shops to introduce new products, run promotions or display seasonal merchandise.
  2. Fairs and Exhibitions: Fairs and exhibitions are the perfect opportunity to promote your products to a wide audience. Custom designed cardboard stands can help your stand stand stand out.
  3. Promotions and Events: For special occasions, promotional events or product launches, cardboard stands are used to visually highlight your products or services.
  4. Offices and Workplaces: Desktop cardboard stands are used for displaying brochures, leaflets or small products in offices or workplaces.

Cardboard Stand Designs

The designs of cardboard stands are carefully created to reflect your brand’s identity and effectively display your products. Your brand logo, product images or special messages can be printed on the stands. Color selection and graphics can enhance the visual appeal of the stand. The shape and size of the stand can be customized to suit the type of product you want to display. In addition, cardboard stands are easy to set up and practical to carry, making them a portable and reusable promotional tool.