Corrugated cardboard boxes are needed for the presentation, packaging and transportation of products produced by companies serving in the catering sector such as hamburgers, lahmacun, pita bread, kebabs. The quality of the box used is very important to maintain the temperature of the products during transportation and to maintain the strength of the box when exposed to high steam. Together with our design team, you can design corrugated cardboard boxes with the features suitable for your demands.

Types of Fast Food Packaging

The packaging used for the presentation and packaging of fast food such as hamburgers, lahmacun, pita bread, kebabs, etc. comes in different varieties. These packages can vary according to the type of product and customer needs. For example, burger boxes are used for hamburgers, special cut packaging for lahmacun or pita, and special kebab boxes for kebabs. Packaging can have different properties to maintain the temperature of the products, ensure portability and be resistant to factors such as steam.

Uses of Fast Food Packaging

This type of packaging is widely used by food service businesses such as fast food restaurants, fast-food chains, street vendors, cafes and restaurants. Fast food packaging allows customers to receive their meals quickly and hygienically, either by hand delivery or takeaway. At the same time, they preserve the freshness and temperature of the packaged meals, thus providing customers with the best flavor.

Fast Food Packaging Designs

Packaging design is of great importance in the fast food industry. Designs should reflect the brand identity of the business and offer customers a pleasant experience. Especially in fast-food restaurants, the visual appeal and ease of use of packaging can increase customer satisfaction. Furthermore, by using special types of paperboard, these packages can retain temperature and resist factors such as steam. The design team can work to design customized and functional packaging in line with customers’ demands, ensuring the best presentation of products. This design flexibility offers fast food businesses opportunities to improve customer satisfaction and branding.