Fruit crates, fruit boxes, vegetable crates are produced in order to package fresh and dried fruits and vegetables, to transport them safely on their long and arduous journey from the producer to the consumer, to distribute them and to display them on the shelf to the end consumer. Kolispak can produce fruit and vegetable boxes suitable for manual or machine installation in line with the demands of fruit producers. In the production of fresh fruit boxes and vegetable boxes, the most suitable paper type should be selected by differentiating the products to be packaged as dry, fresh or frozen. The cardboard thickness and corner wedges of the fruit boxes should be produced in accordance with the stacking and transportation conditions.

Types of Fresh / Dried Fruit and Vegetable Boxes

Boxes used for packaging fresh and dried fruits and vegetables offer a variety of different types depending on the type of product, transportation method and intended use. These packaging types include fruit crates, fruit boxes and vegetable crates. These boxes can be suitable for manual or machine installation, offering a fast and efficient packaging process to suit the needs of producers.

Usage Areas of Fresh / Dried Fruit and Vegetable Boxes

These special boxes have a wide range of uses in the food industry and at every stage of the supply chain. In particular, they are widely used in the following places:

  1. Fruit and Vegetable Producers: After picking fresh fruits and vegetables, producers can use these boxes to safely transport their products and prepare them for the marketing process.
  2. Distribution and Logistics Companies: During the transportation and distribution of dry or fresh fruits and vegetables, these boxes prevent damage and spoilage. Corner wedges that facilitate stacking during transportation are also important.
  3. Supermarkets and Grocery Stores: These boxes provide an organized display of products in supermarkets and preserve the freshness of the products until they reach the end consumer.

Fresh / Dried Fruit and Vegetable Boxes Designs

The designs of these boxes can be customized according to the type of products and transport conditions. For example, the type of paper used for packaging fresh and dried fruit and vegetables is selected taking into account the type of product and packaging processes. Cardboard thickness and corner wedges are important for the safety of products during stacking and transportation. Designs can also be adjusted to suit manual set-up or automatic filling machines, allowing producers and distribution companies to run their business efficiently. This design flexibility plays a critical role in the safe transportation and delivery of fresh and dried fruit and vegetable products to the end consumer.