Especially in the textile sector, wardrobe boxes are produced in order to prevent wrinkling of clothes and to protect the product feature in long and difficult transportation conditions. With the help of rotary knives, special cuts are made to attach the hanger apparatus to the boxes we produce. Together with the metal hangers we purchase from contracted suppliers, we offer our valued customers the hanging boxes we produce.

Wardrobe Boxes Types

Wardrobe boxes are special packaging types designed to prevent wrinkling of clothes during transportation and to protect the properties of the products, especially in the textile industry. These boxes are diversified according to different needs. The main types of hanging parcel types are as follows:

  1. Single Hanger Parcel: These parcels, which have a single hanger, allow a single product or clothing set to be transported in an organized and wrinkle-free manner. They are generally preferred for the transportation of dresses or jackets.
  2. Multiple Hangers: These boxes with multiple hangers are used to transport a range of clothing items in an organized manner. It is frequently used for wholesale purchases from stores and distribution of textile products.
  3. Special Design Wardrobe Box: Designed to suit the specific needs of customers, these parcels can be produced in different sizes, shapes and hanger types. Special design features are used to meet specific brand or product requirements.

Areas of Use of Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are widely used, especially in the textile and clothing industry. Areas of use include:

  1. Textile Stores: Textile stores use hanging boxes to store, transport and display clothing products. Products are presented to customers in a wrinkle-free and organized manner.
  2. Wholesale Clothing Distribution: Wholesale clothing suppliers and distributors prefer hanging boxes to send clothing products to their wholesale buyers. These boxes ensure that large quantities of products are transported in an organized manner.
  3. Textile Production: Textile factories store and transport the clothing products they produce in hanging boxes. These boxes ensure that the products are kept organized and undamaged from the production process until they reach the end user.

Wardrobe Box Designs

The designs of wardrobe boxes can be customized according to the type of products and intended use. Designs are usually made to ensure that textiles are not damaged and are transported in an organized manner. Special cuts are designed for easy attachment of hangers and are available with metal hangers. The outer surface of the packaging can also be decorated with customized prints that reflect your brand identity, positively impacting the customer experience.