It is generally used for the transportation and protection of heavy and sensitive materials such as machine parts, automotive industry, robotics and electronics, metal. The length and width of the boxes are adjusted to correspond to the standard pallet dimensions. The product is transported together with the pallet. It is preferred instead of wooden crates due to its recyclability and cost advantage.

Heavy Duty Boxes Types

Heavy duty parcels are specialized packaging types that are generally used for the transportation and protection of heavy and sensitive materials. These parcels vary according to the needs of different industries. The main types of heavy duty parcels are as follows:

  1. Standard Heavy Duty Boxes: These are standard heavy duty boxes with different sizes and specifications, used for general purposes. They are suitable for the transportation of various industrial materials such as machine parts, automotive industry products, electronic components.
  2. Palletized Heavy Duty Parcels: These boxes are mounted on a pallet and enable the transportation of products with the pallet. They are especially preferred in palletized transportation and storage systems. They are designed in accordance with standard pallet dimensions.
  3. Special Design Heavy Duty Boxes: Designed specifically for a particular industry or product, these boxes can include special cuts, internal compartment options or packaging features. They are used for the transportation of sensitive and large-scale products.

Usage Areas of Heavy Duty Boxes

Heavy-duty parcels are widely used, especially in industrial sectors. Areas of use include:

  1. Automotive Industry: Automotive manufacturers and suppliers use heavy duty boxes to transport and store heavy and large auto parts. Large and sensitive materials such as engine parts and chassis components are stored in these boxes.
  2. Electronics and Robotics Industry: Electronic components, robot parts and sensitive electronic products are transported in heavy duty boxes. The safety and protection of products such as PCBs produced in the electronics industry is important.
  3. Metal and Machine Parts: Metal sheets, profile cuts, machined metal parts and large machinery are transported in heavy-duty parcels. It is critical that these materials are not damaged and are transported safely.

Heavy Duty Box Designs

Heavy-duty boxes are made of sturdy and durable materials to ensure safe transportation and storage of products. Their design is usually minimalist and functional. They can be customized by adding internal partitions or protective sponges to regulate the placement of the products inside the boxes. In addition, the outer surface of the packaging can be decorated with labels or prints to promote or give identity, in line with the brand or content of the product. Being recyclable and preferred over wooden crates, they are also environmentally advantageous.