Depending on the characteristics of the packaging material used, intermediate cartons can be double corrugated or single corrugated. Intermediate cartons (separators) placed horizontally or vertically in the parcel act as separators. Cardboard separators are also preferred for the products stacked on the pallet to be balanced. They are placed as a support and organizer behind products such as table frame mirror textile. It acts as a step to fill the gaps on the parcel.

Cardboard Edge Protectors Types

Intermediate cartons are an important packaging material used for the organization, protection and stable transport of products in packaging and transportation processes. The main types of intermediate cartons are as follows:

  1. Double Corrugated Cardboard Edge Protectors: Double-grooved cardboard edge protectors are a type of carton with two grooves between two layers, providing extra durability. They are often used to protect heavy or sensitive products. These cartons are ideal for separating and supporting products by placing them horizontally or vertically in the carton.
  2. Single Corrugated Cardboard Edge Protectors: Single-groove cardboard edge protectors are lighter cartons with a single groove  between one layer. They are used for organizing and transporting lighter or less sensitive products. Single flute cartons are widely preferred for sorting, organizing and stacking products evenly on pallets.

Uses of Cardboard Edge Protectors

Cardboard edge protectors offer a wide range of uses in different industries and businesses. Uses include:

  1. Palletizing and Storage: During the palletizing process, cardboard edge protectors are used between the products to ensure that the products are palletized in a balanced and organized manner. Intermediate cartons also prevent the products from damaging each other during storage.
  2. Protection and Support: Sensitive or fragile products are protected and supported using spacer cartons. Cardboard edge protectors play an important role especially in the transportation and storage of products such as glass, ceramics and mirrors.
  3. Organizing and Sorting: In the retail sector, intermediate cartonscardboard edge protectors are used to organize products on shelves. For example, textiles, books or electronics are displayed on shelves in an organized and attractive way.

Cardboard Edge Protectors Designs

The designs of the intermediate cartons can be customized to suit the intended use and type of product. The dimensions, groove type and thickness of the carton can be adjusted according to the requirements of a specific job. In addition, cardboard edge protectors can be used for brand identity and promotion by printing brand logos or product information on them. Factors such as durability, product protection and ease of transportation are considered during the design phase. Cardboard edge protectors contribute to the safe and organized transportation of products.