It is a type of packaging produced for the storage, transportation and display of animal foods such as chicken, fish and meat. It can be produced in the form of clamshell cases, lidless cases and standard parcels. The issue to be considered in the production of meat and chicken boxes is the use of papers suitable for contact with food, sweating and cold chain materials are preferred in the boxes to be produced. It is important that the produced packaging material has ventilation holes in order to ensure air circulation in the parcel of the products transported in the cold chain. Cardboard meat crates are designed by Kolispak in accordance with the type of product to be transported, the temperature and humidity conditions of the environment during packaging and transportation, and offered to our customers with optimum quality and price. You can choose these products suitable for automatic filling machines or for manual installation.

Types of Meat and Poultry Boxes

There are specially designed packaging types for storing, transporting and displaying animal foods such as meat and poultry. These packages can vary according to different needs and uses. Clamshell crates, lidless crates and standard boxes are common types of meat and chicken boxes. Each of them addresses specific purposes.

Uses of Meat and Poultry Boxes

These special packaging types offer a wide range of uses in the food industry. In particular, they are widely used in the following areas:

  1. Markets and Supermarkets: Meat and poultry products are presented in appropriate packaging when sold in grocery stores and supermarkets. Clamshell cases allow products to be displayed neatly on shelves.
  2. Meat and Poultry Businesses: Meat and poultry businesses use special boxes to process, store and transport their products. These boxes help businesses to keep their products in a hygienic way.
  3. Restaurants and Catering Services: Restaurants and catering services need appropriate packaging to transport and serve meat and poultry products. Clamshell boxes keep products warm and fresh.

Meat and Poultry Boxes Designs

The designs of meat and poultry boxes are carefully created to ensure food safety and product quality. The use of food contact paper or materials is of great importance. In addition, the choice of materials suitable for perspiration and cold chain prevents spoilage of the products. Ventilation holes allow air to circulate in the box and preserve the freshness of the products, especially for products transported in the cold chain.

The design of the box can be adapted for automatic filling machines or for manual installation. This allows products to be packed quickly and efficiently. Designs are customized according to the type of product, packaging processes and transport conditions. Specialized companies such as Kolispak meet the needs of the food industry by offering their customers these special meat and chicken boxes with optimum quality and price.