Tray boxes can be preferred as top and bottom sets or open top. Tray boxes can be preferred as a cost-reducing method for products that are also self-supporting. Usage areas of Tray boxes;

Usage Areas of Tray Boxes

  • After the jars and bottles are lined up in the pan, they are shrink wrapped and stacked.
  • It can be used as a fruit and vegetable box by creating air and hand grip places.
  • Previously packaged products such as fruit juice and milk are arranged in order in the pan and shrink wrapped.
  • Used for displaying and packaging meat, chicken and fish products.
  • When preferred as a clamshell, it offers packaging solutions without the need for any by-products such as tape or staples to close the box.
  • They are produced in large sizes and used as archive boxes and file boxes.

Tray Boxes Types

Tray boxes vary according to different usage needs. These boxes can be preferred as top and bottom sets or as open tops. They can also be used as a cost-reducing method thanks to their self-supporting feature. Pan boxes are divided into the following main types:

  1. Bottom-Upper Set Tray Boxes: These types of boxes come with an upper and lower section and allow products to be sorted in an organized manner. They are generally used for jars, bottles and similar products. After the products are placed in the pan, they are shrink wrapped and packaged.
  2. Open Top Tray Boxes: Since the top of these boxes is open, they are ideal for transporting and storing products such as fruits and vegetables. They are also suitable for air circulation and preserve the freshness of the products.
  3. Tray Boxes with Lids: This type of tray box comes with a lid and can be used without the need for extra tape or staples to cover the products. Thanks to their closability, they increase the safety of the products and provide a more organized packaging.

Tray Boxes Designs

Tray box designs can be customized according to the intended use. For example, they can be produced in different sizes according to the size and shape of the products to be placed inside. They can also be designed to match the colors, logos and brand identity of the packaging. This freedom of design enhances the functionality and aesthetic appeal of Tray boxes and offers customers unique packaging solutions.