Pizza boxes used for the transportation and service of pizza, one of the most popular ready-to-eat food products in our country and in the world, are produced by Kolispak with various sizes and rich printing types in line with the demands of our customers. The pizza boxes we produce are of great importance in keeping the product fresh and preserving its flavor until it meets with pizza lovers.

Kolispak Packaging can produce printed pizza boxes using the design and corporate colors requested by the customer. In terms of size, 20 cm small size pizza box, 30 cm medium size pizza box, 40 cm large size pizza box and 45 cm mega size pizza box are preferred. Cardboard thickness and paper weight and quality can be preferred to meet customer demands and expectations. We serve our customers with the production of square pizza box, round pizza box, angular pizza box, locked pizza box, handle pizza box types.

Pizza Boxes Types

Pizza boxes come in different sizes and designs and are an important packaging product for pizza service. Kolispak produces pizza boxes by offering various sizes and printing types according to customer demands. Pizza box types include different sizes such as small size pizza box (20 cm), medium size pizza box (30 cm), large size pizza box (40 cm) and mega size pizza box (45 cm). Design and shape options such as square pizza box, round pizza box, angular pizza box, locking pizza box and handle pizza box are also offered to customers.

Uses of the Pizza Boxes

Pizza boxes are used by restaurants, pizzerias and takeaway businesses around the world. These boxes provide ideal packaging for pizza delivery. Customers expect the box to be sturdy and the pizza slices inside to remain intact when they pick up and transport their pizzas. In addition, pizza boxes also help to keep the pizza fresh and preserve its flavor. For this reason, pizza boxes are of great importance in preserving the quality and freshness of the product until it meets pizza lovers.

Pizza Boxes Designs

Kolispak can produce custom printed pizza boxes using the designs and corporate colors requested by its customers. Brand awareness can be increased by making original designs that reflect the brand identity of the customers or special prints for promotions. Features such as cardboard thickness, paper weight and quality can be customized according to customer requests and expectations. This is important in improving the durability and performance of pizza boxes. Thanks to the variety of designs, pizza boxes can be customized to meet the expectations of both businesses and customers.