Cardboard shoe boxes provide protection, storage and robust transportation of products. It makes the product visible in retail with various design printing features applied to the packaging. Boxes and lids can be produced according to box designs such as separate, self-clamshell, squeegee. Offset printed, flexo printed and stenciled productions are provided by our company.

Shoe Box Types

Shoe boxes come in a wide variety of packaging types that are used to protect, store and transport shoes. These boxes are designed and manufactured to meet different needs. The main types of shoe boxes are as follows:

  1. Shoe Boxes with Separate Boxes and Lids: This type of box is used for the protection and storage of shoes. Usually the box and lid are separate and the shoes are closed after they are placed in the box.
  2. Self-Lidded Shoe Boxes: The top of the shoes are self-closing, so there is no need to use an extra lid. After the shoes are placed inside the box, the top is closed.

Uses of Shoe Boxes

Shoeboxes have a variety of uses, from retail to product transportation. These include:

  1. Retail Sales: Shoe boxes are used in shoe stores and retail outlets to display and present products to customers. The design and printing features of the packaging help to attract customers by reflecting the brand identity of the product.
  2. Storage: Shoe boxes allow shoes to be stored in an organized manner in homes or storage areas. These boxes help protect the shoes from dust, moisture and harmful factors.
  3. Transportation: Shoe boxes ensure the safe transportation of shoes. They are especially useful when traveling or when shoes need to be moved to another location.

Shoe Box Designs

Shoebox designs are important for visual appeal and functionality. Packaging can be customized with design features such as brand colors, logos and product information. Printing can be done through different techniques such as offset printing, flexo printing and gravure production, which enhances the aesthetic value of the packaging. Designs are also made appropriately for the safety and protection of the shoes, so that the products remain intact and safe throughout the entire usage process.