Up to 5 mm thick boxes are used as a stylish packaging type in the marketing of products. Fancy paper, fabric, velvet, etc. are coated on the outer and inner surfaces of the cartons. It is used in the packaging of luxury products such as cosmetics, watches, leather, chocolate, appearance, electronics, gift products. Boxes with high marketing value are also produced with drawers and magnets within our company.

Rigid Box Types

Boxes with engravings are stylish and specially designed boxes used especially for packaging luxury and valuable products. These boxes can be produced in different types and features. The main types of engraved boxes are as follows:

  1. Fancy Paper Coated Boxes: Boxes covered with fancy paper in different patterns and colors increase the visual appeal of the products. This type of boxes are preferred for packaging cosmetic products, souvenirs and products designed for special occasions.
  2. Fabric Covered Boxes: Fabric lined boxes are especially used for packaging luxury clothing, jewelry and other valuables. The fabric material adds an elegant touch to the products.
  3. Velvet Coated Boxes: Velvet lined boxes offer a luxurious and elegant feel while protecting the products. They are often preferred for packaging jewelry, watches and special collection products.
  4. Boxes with Drawer Drawers: Boxes with drawers are designed to meet packaging needs with multiple products or layers inside. Ideal for jewelry collections, perfume sets and special gifts.
  5. Magnetic Drawer Boxes: Designed with a magnetic closure mechanism, the boxes securely store the products inside and are easy to open and close.Suitable for cosmetics, electronic devices and souvenirs.

Usage Areas of Rigid Box

Boxes with collars are used especially for the packaging of luxury and valuable products. Areas of use include:

  1. Cosmetics Industry: Luxury perfumes, make-up sets and skin care products are presented in boxes with engraving. The boxes emphasize the quality and attractiveness of the products.
  2. Jewelry and Jewellery Industry: Gemstones, jewelry and watches are displayed in boxes with special designs. These boxes reflect the elegance and special value of the products.
  3. Food and Confectionery Industry: Luxury chocolates, cookies and specialty desserts are gifted in boxes with engraving. The boxes make the presentation of delicious products special.
  4. Souvenirs and Special Occasions: Products designed for special occasions or special gifts are presented in boxes with designs. Ideal for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.

Rigid Box Designs

The designs of the boxes are customized according to the type and intended use of the products. The outer and inner surfaces of the boxes can be decorated with elegant finishes such as fancy paper, fabric or velvet. In addition, brand identity or personalization is achieved by adding custom prints, logos or special messages. The opening and closing mechanism of the boxes is also carefully designed, offering a special experience to the customer. The luxurious and stylish look of these boxes increases the marketing value of the products.