Quality and Sustainability

Our company has made it a principle to make your order experience perfect by adopting the understanding of “Kolispak is Trust” and consolidating years of knowledge, experience and experience in the process from raw material supply, production stage and until the final product reaches the consumer.

With ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, FSC, certificates, KOLİSPAK has documented its reliability in quality and applies these standards with precision.

Our basic quality principles are to give importance to human health in our production process, to fulfill our national and international legal responsibilities, to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level, to follow the technology closely.

Kolispak Quality and R&D Department actively uses various test tools in order to provide optimum benefit to the customer in the products we produce and to offer the best product to the customer at the best price. The process from the raw material supply of the products produced to the production stage in the process of the final product is actively controlled.